Beware of Unsolicited Remote Support


Do NOT fall for the many scams out there that promote remote support! If you have telephone numbers pop up on your screen do NOT call that number. 99% of the time these are scams that try to scare you into calling immediately before your system suffers further damage. They first want to remote into your system to assess the problem, and once connected they can install all sorts of malware onto your system that makes the problem worse. Sometimes, they even appear to fix an issue only to have repeat problems come up soon due to backdoor booby traps they installed onto your system initially. You will NEVER see our number pop up on your screen asking you to call us!


There are many variations of the remote support phone scam. Many of them are in the form of pop ups on your computer screen and may even include audio stating your computer is infected or some other warning. These scammers are very good at making the messages look legitimate when they are not. They prey on you using fear as their main tactic. I have even seen these scams include a picture of you that they have by manipulating your webcam. No matter what delivery method they use, they are all scams in an attempt to ultimately get payment from your bank account or credit card.



Other times you may even receive a cold call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, or Amazon, or some other software company that could possibly sound legitimate. They may claim that your computer is at risk because something is out of date or give you some other non-legitimate reason for needing remote access to your computer to investigate the situation.



Consumertec will NEVER put anything that will pop up on your system and scare you into thinking you need to give us money or access to your system. We will never call you out of the blue and tell you that you need to let us into your system. We only use remote service when you ask us to and with your permission.


What should I do if this happens to me?


If you experience any of the things mentioned above, do the following:

    1. Immediately power your system down.

    2. If it will not shut down normally, hold the power button down for at least 10 seconds

    3. Once powered off, restart your system

    4. Your symptoms may disappear after system reboot.

    5. If the same symptoms persist after restart, shut your system down again.

    6. You will then need to bring your system into our shop for malware removal.

For further help or information call Consumertec